Evolution is the process of change in all forms of life over generations and just as the world has evolved over time, so has music.  Please meet Ev Jones, a manifestation of evolved urban sophistication. 

Ev Jones


Give me just one more minute, I will not let you down.

With his fourth  forthcoming album, evOLUTION, Ev Jones sings like a new man—one who has learned a few lessons in love, knows how to woo his woman and is transparent about everything from transgressions to doing tantalizing things in public. “I used to be a player and a womanizer. The first time I was married, Iloved the title, but knew nothing of the responsibility and  the marriage eventually fell apart,” Ev openly admits. “Now, I know what love is.  I’ve changed my path. I’m a messenger, and I want my music to change other people’s lives as well.”

Naturally then, evOLUTION is an album about growth. Fittingly, the first released track, “Dearly Beloved” is a declaration of a lifetime commitment and embraces the emotion of the wedding day. “Dearly Beloved” opens up with a beautiful chord progression of keys,  A strong bass drum kick and seamlessly moves into a romantic, slow tempo melody that easily inspires listeners to think of and appreciate that special moment with their significant other.  With lyrics like Dearly Beloved / I'm standing here embracing this moment, for so many years see y'all ain't know how I prayed for this woman.

While the album is slated for a fall release, Ev already has a favorite track. Where “Dearly Beloved” is elegant, “Purge ” is a modern, titillating take on agnst of manhood. Give me one more drink in my cup/ One more pull now I'm stuck, in my own head/ Sometimes I think I would be better off dead, letting a man cry is saving that man's life.  “Men carry the weight of the world on our shoulders quietly, never expressing the overwhelming feelings of feeling defeated at times. Sometimes just to be able to release our frustrations without judgement is all a man needs to recharge to fight on.”

Though it seems like he's just getting started , Dave has been in the music business for over 20years. He spent the first few year of his career belting out cover tunes with his high school group Native Harmony, appearing on stages with artists such as   2Pac as well as headlining with his group at local and regional venues around Dayton, Ohio. Later he would perform at larger venues with artist like , Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, Harold Melvin and th Blue Notes, as well as become a 4 time winner at The Legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem, U.S.A.  Ev wrote a Sammy Award winning album as the front man for Electric Relaxation, a standout band of instrumentalists, in 2007. His first two solo albums, The Redefinition of Hip Soul and Full Disclosure, both became independently popular throughout the Midwest region.

Ev has reunited with Mello Dope, of Battery Five, and founding memeber of Native Harmony and has been successfully creating music together for the last five years.

While the finishing touches are being made to evOlution, Ev is keeping busy by planning for his next album and planning eligant events with his now business partner Christina Scott and has created The Scott Jones Agency for their business ventures which include an event coordination company and an independent recording company aptly named iAM (Independent Artist Movement). When he said change, he meant a 360° change; he focused on cultivating his businesses, writing music to encourage and enrich romance, and is working on his first gospel single to pay hommage to his gospel roots.  “I’m not just a singer or a songwriter,” Ev explains. “God has blessed me with the ability to convey a message of love, preserverance, and be a spokes person for the men who are proud of being protectors, providers and professors of love."

evOLUTION is akin to an autobiography except that Ev is sharing his life experiences through music. This is his purpose in life—delivering messages to make listeners live vicariously through him and walk away with a resolution. Take a listen; there’s something to learn.
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